Cooking Matters Event

Members only. A free cooking and nutrition class that shows how to prepare healthy, tasty meals on a budget! class also includes incentives.

Week 1: Very Veggie
We’ll begin our journey to a healthier eating by learning how to incorporate fruits and vegstables into to everyday cooking. We’ll a;so talk about some cooking basics to stay safe!

Week 2: Good Grains
This week we’ll talk about whole grains, and why they are important. We’ll also explore some grains you may not have had before!

Week 3: Powerful Protein
Plant Based Protein. Protein is an important part of our diet, but does it always have to come from animals? No! We will explore some other sources of protein that are just as healthy, but more budget friendly!

Week 4: Better Beverages
Dairy and beverages. This week we’ll talk about dairy and other types of beverages!

Week 5: Celebration
You’re Done! This wee we’ll celebrate everything you’ve learned!

Dates are: 1/9; 1/16; 1/23; 1/30; and 2/6

Times are: thursdays. Session 1: 1-2p, Session 2: 2-3p

Contact Becky to sign-up

We’ll offer an additional class where we’ll take a tour around WinCo.

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Recovery Café Network