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Giving Week – Letter from the Director of Recovery Café of Clark County

This is Spring of 2021.  As a person born in 1953, my life perspective is influenced by so much I am unable to sum up in a few words.  Vietnam, HIV-AIDs, drug culture, JFK, MLK, internet, Rodney King………….. and that doesn’t speak to my personal struggles.  In the last year, we have COVID, a brutal election, George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, January 6, Q-non and more.  I am on overload even with my long-term view.

What does sustain me is my opportunity to work in the Recovery Café community.  Recovery Cafés are popping up throughout the country (and Canada), bringing an option to the punitive reaction to problems of addiction, houselessness, mental health challenges and being lost.  To be able to be positive and to see it help is healing on so many levels for me.  Living in hope is better than any alternatives but especially despair.

In the Recovery Café of Clark County in Vancouver, Washington, we are blessed with great community support.  In turn, we work hard to share that blessing back into the community to create hope at every level.  For our members, donors, our volunteers, our board of directors, and even our local neighborhood partners, we nurture the good with our focus on our stated values.  Love, respect, compassion, forgiveness, belief in everyone’s capacity to grow, and the need to give back are core to how we structure what we do.  Recently, the RCN has added equity as a value, and we continue to search for clarity on how to demonstrate we know what that means.

BUT, this week, the events in Minneapolis challenges us in how we can participate in our country in a positive way.  The death of George Floyd, the conviction of a bad policeman, and now the need for change – but how.

I fall back to my Recovery Café work.  We are in the midst of a campaign for donors to match an offer of $10,000 to any Café in the Recovery Café Network.  If you can support us, please go to our web site (Donate : Recovery Café Clark County ( or stop by the Café.

More important, we, as a partner with other Cafés, need to support each other.  Recovery Café Frogtown is in a community that is part of the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  They are working hard on supporting their community while experiencing many challenges.  Located in the Faith Lutheran Church, they too are fund raising.  Recovery Café of Clark County wants to support our partner in Minneapolis and will donate $1000 to their Spring Campaign at Faith Lutheran Church | Donate online ( .  As their Café grows, we hope they will enjoy the success we are having in Vancouver, Washington.


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