Our Cafe’s Mission

Recovery Cafe Clark County’s Mission: To encourage each person we meet by helping them equip themselves with the ever-growing support, the empowering resources, real-time encouragement and loving compassionate-driven accountability.

We are a community of real Women and real Men whom have been impacted by events of homelessness, struggles of addiction and man mental health challenges that are slowly tackling our day to day living. Our Community consist of compassionate individuals whom are conquerors in the development of coming to know they are loved and that they have so much more gifts and talents to share.

Our Challenge

Based on Washington State DSHS reports, approx. 10.7% of our residents’ struggle with behavioral health and substance use disorders. That equates to a figure of 47,080 in Clark County alone.

Mental health challenges are often the causing factors in a variety of people that are either making an effort to stabilizing their pain or coping with their pain through substance abuse. This type of adaptation actually hurts and ultimately affects low-income and our Women and Men that are without homes that are struggling with situational or environmental mental health challenges; some of those challenges consist of resources to medications – whether that means they have stop taking them completely or loss of ability to continue taking them. These turn in events have a tendency to cause substance abuse relapse as well as loss of housing, employment and healthcare services.

Without the ability to maintain recovery from some of these mental health challenges and/or addictions, a continual access to current housing as well as social service providers can feel immeasurably out of reach.

According to the National Institutes of Health, people in recovery from substance abuse need a strong foundation of 2+ years of sobriety to obtain long-term recovery success. Recovery Cafe Clark County offers this structured support to every Women and Men that strives to rebuild and change their current environment, circumstances and lives by breaking the cycles of homelessness, addictive behaviors or other mental health challenges.

Recovery Cafe Clark County Board of Directors

These are some of the fine and dedicated board members that keep on track.

Ed Parke


Monte Gantka


Becky Gonzales


Lyn Anderson


We are an Emerging Member of the

Recovery Café Network