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Recovery Café Clark County (RCCC) works with individuals struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, substance abuse, and homelessness. Members are expected to follow the rules of the café and remain accountable. In return, these members are welcomed into a nurturing, helpful community. RCCC works to achieve “unconditional hospitality” in their space that is conducive to relationship building and unity.
From women’s groups to book clubs, people from across the community utilize the cafe space to connect to one another in a supportive and welcoming environment. The physical space of the cafe is just one way RCCC serves as a resource of resources; the staff and mentors strive to make an abundance of resources available for vulnerable populations, including wifi, computers, answers to questions, food, support, knowledge, etc. Rather than taking a passive approach, the Recovery Cafe staff looks for excuses to help people. They will continue making every effort to keep the café doors open, as they have throughout the pandemic thus far.
As one of the initial members of the recovery coalition, Recovery Café Clark County strives to reach out to other Recovery Cafes around the country and to serve as a leader in the recovery movement. We are proud to have one of the strongest recovery systems in the nation, so keep up the good work, Recovery Café Clark County!

Clark County Cooking Workshops

Human Services Council

The Cafe Life -December Edition

RCCC DEC Newsletter

Free Flu Vaccine for Adults

Hey RCCC family and friends. RCCC is hosting Free Flu Vaccines for adults this Saturday from 12-3. This Event is also open to the Public. Come get you Flu Shot this Saturday..

Many hats to wear as Recovery Coach for Vancouver Treatment Center

Peer support critical for those struggling with mental health issues, addiction. Thank you Ethan for getting the word out there about Recovery Coaching…But more importantly…Thank you for being an example of what a TRUE Recovery Coach does! We are her to empower you! By Ethan’s own words “They know how to do recovery. They just don’t know they know it…YET!”😁💜  Check out the Columbian Article > Click Here

AmazonSmile Black Friday Event

You can make an impact while you shop for Black Friday deals. Simply shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/82-5455265 and AmazonSmile will donate to Recovery Cafe of Clark County, at no cost to you.

The Recovery Resource Center

Help us get the word out. The Recovery Resource center – Helping those experiencing homelessness.

Emerging Cafés

Congratulations to our newest Emerging Cafés! We are delighted to be on this journey with you as you bring much needed community, support and healing to your cities!

New Recovery Coach Graduates

RCCC had our first hybrid(zoom & in person)CCAR training and is proud to welcome the new Recovery Coach graduates to go out and make a difference in someone’s recovery journey!Two of them was from our fellow Cafe family in San Jose! It was an honor to meet them and to be a part of ALL of the journey’s that are going forward!!💜🎉👏👊💜
Check the web page and keep an eye on our Facebook for future CCAR trainings!!

Red Ribbon Week

Calling ALL Cafe members! We will be meeting at the Cafe on Saturday the 24th at 3:30pm and breaking up in teams to tie red ribbons and plant red tulips in the community to support the “Red Ribbon Week”. Hope to see you there!😊
We will be practicing Covid restrictions!

Prime Day

You can make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on October 13 & 14. Simply shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/82-5455265 or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app and AmazonSmile donates to Recovery Cafe of Clark County.

Hope for Heroin Addicts

Heroin Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship of men and women who have found a solution to heroin addiction. HA is a fellowship of complete abstinence from all drugs and alcohol. We are recovered heroin addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay sober. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other heroin


Recovery Cafe Clark County leader focuses on reaching out

The Cafe is proud to have one of many champions on the team to share with the community the Cafe’s heart! We can not wait to be able to open completely and have ALL our members in person!! 💜💜  Check out the The Columbian Article here!!

Here is a way to give back!💜

Art of Recovery

Calling out to all our members! We know there is not a lot of Recovery events happening for Recovery month due to Covid😕! But when we hear of anything you can be a part of we will share on our page. Don’t let Covid stop you from celebrating YOU AND YOUR RECOVERY JOURNEY! BE A PART OF THIS CELEBRATION AND “ART” AWAY!😊💜Click here to learn more…







Navigating Addiction & Treatment

Family members and caregivers face unique challenges when supporting a loved one struggling with substance use disorder. “Navigating Addiction and Treatment: A Guide for Families” offers resources and advice from professionals along with other family members who have faced similar challenges. You are not alone! Click here to learn more..


Work Source – Jobs

Work source has some wonderful people just waiting to help you find your next adventure in this life!😊


Recovery Cafe Network

Our cafes across the nation provide programming and community support that foster stability, healing and transformation. We believe that all of us need recovery and healing from something and the cafes are places where all on that journey are welcome.

School for Recovery Classes – Cafe Indy

If you are looking for any of these classes our fellow Cafe in Indy is offering them. Just remember they are three hours ahead of us. 😊

Triage center bridges mental health treatment in Clark County

Lifeline’s crisis and stabilization program aims to help people avoid emergency rooms, incarceration, and connect to care

      Click here to follow the article

Get Food in Clark County – Clark County Food Bank

Click here to visit the Clark County Food Bank Website


Welcome Our Newest Recovery Staff!

The Cafe would like to share with you all some exciting news! We have been honored to add to our pretty amazing staff two more AMAZING people!
The first one you may already now if you have been coming to the Cafe for some time. We would like to say welcome to Jackie! She has been volunteering for sometime now and helping us out tremendously! She will be helping mainly Rick out in the kitchen but don’t be surprised if she shows up doing other stuff😉!
The second one may be no stranger to some of you also! You might be saying to yourself🤔“He looks like the guy that taught my recovery coach class?” And you would be right…But boy has he done so much MORE!! We would like to introduce to you our Executive Director VINCE COLLINS!! We will be posting some “Get to know your staff better” here pretty soon and have so much More to tell you about both of these AMAZING people! Here are the face to the names and if you see them just say “Hi” and get to know them!

CCAR – 12/2/20

We are a proud Member of the

Recovery Café Network