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Cafe Holiday Tips

Christmas with Recovery Cafe – Holiday Prep…Time for the Holiday Season!!! 😀 😁 😉 😊

RCCC putting up the Christmas Tree

Two Vancouver recovery centers want sobriety to have its fun moments-12/29/19

About a dozen people are gathered inside Recovery Cafe Clark County in Vancouver, eating sandwiches and chips and playing darts.

There’s a small putting green rolled out on the floor. Conversation flows, and then William O’Connor, 51, steps to the microphone. He looks to his friend Charles Hanset, who’s playing darts.

“Hey Charles, this is your song, OK buddy,” O’Connor jokes.

O’Connor is not shy of the spotlight, so he takes another second to make sure people know he’s about to sing.

“Can everybody hear me in the back? Can you guys hear me in the balcony?” he asks the small group congregating in the small room without a balcony.

With a few eyes settled on him, O’Connor unleashes an energetic cover of Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).” Read more of this Article Here>>

Seasons Greetings & Look Back at last Year’s Christmas-12/21/19

With Pride and Warm Heart!! – Keith Wells -12/14/19

Our community came together today to help our homeless friends for the winter months.
Our 2nd annual “Reach to Homeless ” drive was a huge success. We built 150+ care packages. Fifty more than last year and much more in the packages. We collected almost 1800 items for the packages. So many people to thank for donations, time and effort this year.
Emily Vanderipe

and crew

SWW Recovery Coalition
Aces Club from Clark College
Recovery Cafe Clark County
Sacred Grounds
Drug Court
Lifeline Connections
Please share with your groups and give them our warmest thanks!! It takes a village and we had one!!

Look Back: Halloween Fun Night-11/13/19

Giving Tuesday*11/11/19

Come and Celebrate #GivingTuesday! Help us today by 1) Donating now from the link below or 2) Navigate to the learn more tab to donate directly on our website. https://recoverycafecc.org/donate/
Each Percentage of the donation will go directly to the cause of provided resources and program for our members at the RCCC.
Dec 3rd is #GivingTuesday. It’s a global giving moment to support the causes you love.

Look Back: Walk a Mile in our Shoes -10/18/19

Look Back: Recovery Forum Event


Look Back: Overdose Awareness


Look Back: Mariners Game


Look Back: 1 Year Anniversary


Look Back: Hands Across the Bridge – 10/18/19

F.A.R. -10/08/19

RCCC Cook-Off

LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Recovery Cafe Cook off challenge begins this coming Saturday September 28, 2019 at 12pm. COME JOIN THE FUN… -09/24/19

2019 Standing in the Gap – Killian Noe -09/21/19

Recovery Journey -08/29/19

We all can relate to this in some way as we reflect on our journey to recovery. Thank you Moriah for sharing.

Overdose Awareness Day -8/13/19

Let’s fill the buses for recovery!!!!! Folks need to sign up with one of the contacts on flyer 08/13/19

1 Year Milestone -08/07/2019

Recovery Cafe Clark County’s 1 Year Anniversary is coming up on August 25th. We’d like to invite all our members to join us in the celebration on August 27th at our Tues Fun night event to celebrate..Happy 1 Year anniversary RCCC Family!!!😁

Clark County JOB FAIR!! 08/06/2019

Clark County JOB FAIR!
Wednesday, 8-07-19 at Living Hope Church (1:00 – 3:00 pm)
2711 NE Andresen Road, Vancouver WA
Employers Attending and What They are Hiring For:
From Entry Level to Professional!
hosted by Job Connection…

Celebrate Recovery by Being Creative. Come Join us for a Rock Painting Event.. -08/05/19

Weekly walking group on the road to recovery from drug, alcohol abuse 08/03/19

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is like a long walk.

The path that brings one to recovery in the first place can also feel like a long walk, so it’s fitting that Recovery Cafe Clark County has started offering recovery walks every Wednesday morning.

The walks are about 30 minutes, and 1 to 1 1/2 miles around the Cafe on East Fourth Plain Boulevard in Vancouver. There are usually about four walkers each time.

Olivia Zakit, who has 10 years sobriety from crystal methamphetamine, has felt her confidence build when she joins the weekly walks. Zakit was in a car accident last year and suffered a traumatic brain injury. So in addition to recovering from drug use, Zakit has been walking a path to recovery from her wreck.

She’s enjoyed the unity and fellowship of the walks. Each walk ends with a stop at Black Rock Coffee Bar on East Fourth Plain (and drinks of coffee are paid for by the cafe).

“It has helped me come out of my comfort zone and stop isolating,” Zakit said. Read More of this Article here>>

Brief intro to our Mission Statement- 08/02/19

Empowering Self-Talk – Make a Habit- Break a Habit-07/13/219

Empowering Self-Talk – Diversity and Self-Awareness- 07/12/19

Congrats!! 06/21/2019

Please join us in Congrats to Becky, Ethan, John and Paul. They have completed the training to train recovery coaches. Congrats we are so happy for you..

Recovery Cafe Clark County provides a safe haven 05/28/2019

Thank you Columbian for all of your support !!!!!!

See article here>>

Come Join us in the Final Series- Empowering Self-Talk Series that focuses on Taking Charge of your Health -05/27/2019

Come Join us in the 3rd Series of Empowering Self-Talk Series that focuses on Emotional Intelligence.


Come Join us in the second Series of Empowering Self-Talk that will focus on Perspectives & Communications


Empowering Self-Talk Series: Positive Mindsets – 05/21/2019

Member’s Testimony Pilot: Meet William O’Connor and share and learn about his journey. – 05/15/21019

Hazel Dell Parade -05/15/2019

Come show your support we are trying to break the stigma of Substance Abuse and Mental Health disorders and hopes to show our community that recovery is possible if there’s a heartbeat There’s Hope

Become a Volunteer Today! – 04/27/2019

The Recovery Cafe Clark County is Looking for Dedicated Volunteers. Please fill in the information below to participate. All information answered here is completely confidential.
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.
Follow the link here to the form>>>

Recovery Member’s Event Poll Feedback – 04/27/2019

Recovery Member’s Events Poll Feedback

Your Participation and Feedback is important to the growth of the Cafe. As a part of providing the most effective and prosperous programs available for you, we would like to hear your feedback.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

Follow the link here to the form>>>

Upcoming May’s Events -04/27/2019

Opioid use disorder live Q&A 4/17/2019

Meet William O’Conner – 04/04/2019


March Calendar Events – Snapshot – 03/27/2019

March Calendar Events – Snapshot – 03/27/2019

Special Easter Make and Take Event – 03/07/2019

Essentials: 5 Guiding Principles – 02/17/2019

Tuesday Night Fun -01/24/2019

Community Connections: First Aid/CPR Course -01/03/2019

Community Connections: First Aid/CPR Course on January 27th from 3pm-7pm for our members only. Inquire Now on how to become a member…

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